1)Mao Zedong love the land

Nanling has an alias, called "five ridge", the name resounded through the world. Generation of great man Mao Zedong, the deep impression on the Nanling. In the few words published before the birth of the poems, as much as two mentioned the milk source where the land: one is the "Qilu long march" in the "five ridge winding waves"; the other is " Qilu two first to send the plague of God "in the" days of five ridge silver hoe off ".

In the poet Mao Zedong's pen, Nanling (Five Ridge) is so bold, Nanling under this piece of land, what is fascinating!

To be proud and enviable is: Nanling is the milk of the landmark, remember the Nanling, also remember the milk source; found the Nanling, also found the milk source.

Some people jokingly said: milk source is Guangdong's "Siberia".

Famous tourism planning experts, travel literature writer Mr. Wu Xufeng said: Nanling is Guangdong's "father". It is straight up the chest, opened the skirt, an ice, covered with frost, for the southern Guangdong earth blocked the cold.

2)Shen Yuan's works in Nanling "1957-2005"

August 13, 2005 in Guangdong Nanling National Forest Park, the second floor of the artist's studio show Shen Yuan in Nanling creation works "Nanling history 1957 -2005", which is a history with the Nanling area Related works, artists and milk Yang Forestry Bureau 15 to 20 old and young women together to try to write a brief history of Nanling.

Shen Yuan: Thank you very much today to participate in Nanling women's art activities, about the history of Nanling. It is fortunate to come to Nanling creation, when I heard that there is not a place to write the history of Nanling book I have an idea, invite you old, middle age, youth three age women to talk about you on Nanling History. You write your own memories on paper with a brush, and I am writing it into a book.

Nanling women: 1958, just after August 15, we came to Nanling, where the main types of work is logistics, housing, planting trees.

Nanling women: the predecessor of the unit is 56 years began in Lechang, in 1957 to the first batch of eight comrades, one of which, we told him to rely on grandfather, last year, 91 years old, the other also It was old. The eight comrades to the sun here survey, measuring our unit is very large, before the country directly under the Provincial Forestry Department, then because of work needs, obey the party arrangements, I came to the virgin forest, cutting, Engage in construction. I've been here for 48 years. Then, in 1958 more than 20, I was one of them, we are in the river with a thatched cotta put a triangular shape of the grass to live, with a large aluminum pot to do lunch. At that time, I cooked the old tree in the door of the tree under the cooking, Wen aunt in another tree under the cooking, these trees are the original tree, when the tree diameter of only 30 cm, now has a diameter of seven Eighty centimeters.

At that time the monkeys were particularly large. When we came back from the workmanship, we found that the food was eaten by the monkeys, and they were particularly bold, from the hills down to the river, and set off the lid and steal something. Then we thought of a way to get rid of the monkeys. We shaved the hair of a monkey's head, then painted red in paint, and let it go, the monkeys ran and shouted, and then they did not dare to eat. Here before a lot of animals, monkeys, tigers are common.

Nanling women: before the very difficult, did not open the road, are walking in the mountains, the grass is very high and very dense, and even thorns. At that time my child is very small, we are with baskets lug from far away from the mountain.

Nanling women: the provincial capital would have wanted to engage here a 10 million population of the forestry city, due to water problems (water shortage) finally did not build. Later 59 years came the second batch of immigrants came here. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the staff gradually reduced (all went to Shenzhen, Zhuhai to work). 93 years of planning, 94 years Nanling National Forest Park began to open to the outside world in 2003 after the opening of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, the traffic is also a lot of convenience.

Nanling women: milk three three down, then work here, life is very hard and very original. It is dangerous to work at the mountain road. In 1959, more than 4,000 people (all young people), they are dissatisfied with the age, but in order to be able to work in the milk, to false age. In the total length of 18 km of the road, there are three young people in the open road was killed, really is a pity ah!
So today's good sun, do not forget the efforts of predecessors!

Nanling women: the beginning of the second half of 1959 primary school, then also have a nursery, that is, we now say kindergarten. But at that time we all like to put their own children in the neighborhood, we round each other to help children. In 1961 began to have junior high school, in 1972 with high school.

Nanling women: but now only primary school, and children to the milk on the junior high school, stay, a month home, the unit shuttle bus. There are a lot of high before the students, the Cultural Revolution when a lot of professors, doctors labeled rightist, decentralized here. So the quality of education at that time is still very good. My primary school when the principal is Tsinghua University, teach one or two grade it! Now a lot less students, before we have a class of more than 50 people. Now because of family planning, most are the only child, now the primary school, a class of only 30 people, better than the year.

Nanling women: I was here in 1958, and now retired for 10 years, it is happy to be here with the old and blue together, the establishment of the sun has now been 47 years. I remember 19 years old here, but also the development of the first batch of forest, the work of the type of work is to cut down, repair small railway, very hard. In the era of Mao Zedong to promote women half of the day, women are very seriously, men can do live women can also dry. At that time, because there is no road, life of rice, food is our own from the milk source, the bridge with a pole to pick back, very hard ah!

At that time every day to work more than 10 hours, but we are very optimistic, very active work. Felling trees is also the most primitive way to hand and saw the wood. Cultural life, is in the following auditorium to see singing drama, playing basketball, table tennis.

Shen Yuan: my mother was also young when playing football, Mao Zedong era women half of God!

Nanling women: Yes ah, then nursery, pig, vegetables are mainly women do, cut the tree is mainly a man, but women can also cut the tree.

Nanling women: the hospital here is in 1959 there, then called the health center, before a lot of doctors were labeled as right decent down here. Their medicine is very high, then there are operating room here, but now there is no, because they returned to the city after the rehabilitated. Now even have children to send to the milk source.

Shen Yuan; what is the origin of the name of milk?

Nanling women: milk Yang Forestry Bureau is the predecessor of the harvest team, 1957 years ago is the provincial unit, the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Department. Here the name changes a lot, the predecessor of the harvest team - logging forest - Wuzhishan forest - Forest Bureau - Yangyang Forestry Bureau. Sheep's name is because there is a mountain called Yangshan, Yangshan this area is designated as the Guangdong tube, and milk near the source, called the sun.
Shen Yuan: how to transport those wood at that time?

In 1959 the first batch of Jiefang brand car. At that time we were two wheels of the car down the tree from the mountains to the junction, can be used to pull the car. Or a small train. But in 1975, there was a big flood, and the small train was washed away. We were then the sixth brigade in batches, a group of wood in the mountains, another group of trees in the mountains, mountain high places to plant pine, a little lower place to plant the cedar.